My name is Danielle, I am the primary writer on this site. I started running in college as a way to stay in shape and have since participated in several marathons and shorter distance triathlons. My husband, Jeff, who has a much less extensive racing resume than I, decided we should just pull the trigger and sign up for the big one: a full Ironman triathlon. It didn’t take much convincing to rope his brother, Scott, into our plan. And now the three of us are planning to compete in Ironman Canada next summer.

Best idea ever… or worst idea ever? Time, and this blog, will tell. I created this site to help share our experiences with friends and family. I will try to keep it updated with notable training progress, racing recaps, and any encouragements or bumps in the road we may encounter on our journey.

Boston finish
Me in 2014 after finishing the Boston Marathon